International Council on Monuments and Sites

CIAV – International Committee of Vernacular Architecture

Fagkomiteen for byggeskikk
Gisle Jakhelln – Voting Member
David Brandt – leder for den norske komiteen
International Scientific Committee of Vernacular Architecture /
Comité International d’Architecture Vernaculaire – CIAV

CIAV presentation held in association with the 2010 ICOMOS Advisory Committee Symposium, Dublin, October 26th 2010. Les mer

Det vises til lenker, her medtas § 2 formål:

Article 2 – Object
The object of the Committee is to promote, consistent with the aim of ICOMOS International, co-operation i the identification, study, protection and conservation of Vernacular Architecture including vernacular monuments, groups of buildings and sites as defined by article 3 of the ICOMOS statutes.

Fra CIAV CHART – ‘Charter on the built vernacular heritage’ siteres fra arbeidsområdet:

Vernacular building is the traditional and natural way by which communities house themselves. It is a continuing process including necessary changes and continuous adaption as a response to social and environmental constraints. The survival of this tradition is threathened worldwide by the forces of economic, cultural and architectural homogenization. How these forces can be met is a fundamental problem that must be addressed by communitites and also by governments, planners architects, conservationists and by a mulitdisciplinary group of specialists.

Publisert: 06/04/2010
Sist oppdatert: 21/11/2018

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